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Elusive Tangibility III: Clandestine Haze (2011)

Like the other pieces in the Elusive Tangibility cycle, Clandestine Haze follows the idea of a musical representation of the ephemeral. The fleeting, intangible, constantly shifting contours and the aesthetic charm that emanates from the work remain not merely external, as an inspiration or a pretext, but extend to the level of material and structure: blurring the boundary between tone colour and harmony, the timbre of the instruments involved sometimes seems indistinguishably merge. What results is a delicate yet compelling music of quiet strength.

Markus Böggemann

Duration: 7 Minutes

Instrumentation: AFl(+BFl) BCl(+CbCl), Tbn, 1Perc, Vla, Vc

World Première: 24th May 2011, Cuvilliès Theatre, Munich; Ensemble Recherche

UK Première: 5th November 2011, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre, London; London Sinfonietta, Martyn Brabbins (Cond.)

Russian Première: 13th February 2020, Rakhmaninov Hall, Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Moscow; Studio for New Music, Igor Dronov (Cond.)

Commissioned by the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung

This piece was featured on the CD "Shadow Walker", released on the Col Legno label.

Listen to the full piece.

Elusive Tangibility III: Clandestine Haze is available from Edition Gravis.

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