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Work with electronics

Pegasus (2014) c.10’ (Withdrawn)

BCl, Perc, Kbd, Live-Elec, e-Zither, Vc

Première: 14th August 2014, CentralStation, Darmstadt Ferienkurse; Decoder Ensemble

Commissioned by the Harry and Alice Eiler Foundation for Decoder Ensemble

Arkanar: A Report From The Interior (2016, rev. 2018) 8'

Tuba and Live Electronics

Première: 8th August 2016, Darmstadt; Jack Adler-McKean (Tba), Steven Daverson (Elec)

Commissioned by Jack Adler-McKean

Figures Outside a Dacha, with Snowfall, and an Abbey in the Background (2020-22) 20'

Large or Small Orchestra, with Amplified Soloists and Live Electronics

Instrumentation: 2(1+Picc,2=AFl+BFl). 0. 2(1+BCl,2=BCl+CbCl). 2(2=Cbsn). ASax. TSax. / 2. 2(2=Flug). 2 (2+ATbn). 1 / EGuit. Pno. 2Perc. / Strings 9. 9. 6. 6. 6. / Live Electronics

World Première: 21st January 2023; WDR Funkhaus Wallrafsplatz, Köln; WDR Sinfonieorchester, Manuel Nawri (cond.); Carl Faia, Steven Daverson (elec.)

UK Première: February 2024; Barbican Centre, London; BBC Symphony Orchestra, Ilan Volkov (cond.);  Carl Faia, Steven Daverson (elec)

Co-commissioned by WDR Sinfonieorchester and the BBC Symphony Orchestra

La Nitroglycérine des Lumières (2017-2023) 12'

Sax, eGuit, Pno, Perc, Live-Elec

Première: 19th November 2023, St Paul's Hall, Huddersfield; Ensemble Nikel, Steven Daverson (elec.)

Co-commissioned by Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and the PRSF Composers' Fund

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