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Unmögliche Räume: Anmerkungen zu Steven Daversons jüngsten Werken
Impossible Spaces: Notes on Steven Daverson's Recent Works
Markus Böggemann - Universit​ät Kassel

MusikTheorie - 2019, Heft 4

Markus Böggemann introduces the preoccupations and techniques of my recent work, focused on Arkanar: A Report from the Interior for tuba and live electronics and the ongoing projects La Nitroglycerine des Lumières for saxophone, percussion, electric guitar, piano, devices and live electronics, and the piano works Studies for Figures Outside a Dacha, and Figures Outside a Dacha, with Sunrise. He alludes to a software program I am compiling in Max to assist in the pre-compositional aspects of writing in multiple tempi, and links to this site for more information about the ideas behind the software and its functions.

Steven Daverson

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Vielfalt kultureller Bezugspunkte: Drei britische Komponisten im Portrait: James Saunders, Luke Bedford, Steven Daverson

Diverse Cultural Reference Points: A Portrait of three British composers: James Saunders, Luke Bedford, Steven Daverson

Stefan Drees - Hochschule für Musik "Hanns Eisler" Berlin

Zeitschrift für Neue Musik - 2015, Heft 6

Seen from a distance, the British New Music scene reveals an amazingly ideology-free coexistence of diverse compositional approaches.  Using three composers from the 30 to 45 age group, namely James Saunders (*1972), Luke Bedford (*1978) and Steven Daverson (*1985), three fundamental positions will be presented in the following, which not only stand for very different aesthetic concepts, but also define themselves through the associated appropriation of certain cultural and historical reference systems. 

Stefan Drees

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