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Large Ensemble

Elusive Tangibility IV: 月見 (Tsukimi) (2008) 10’30”

1(=AFl).0.1(=BCl).1 / / 2Perc (Vib, Almglocken, Tuned Gongs, 2Chinese Opera Gongs, Holzkante, 5TBl, 2SD, BD) / Mezzo-Soprano Solo / Pno / Strings (

World Première: 15th May 2009, Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall, Royal College of Music, London. RCM New Perspectives Ensemble; Emilie Renard (M-S), Tim Lines (Cond.)

Russian Première: 9th June 2009, Rachmaninov Concert Hall, Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Moscow. Studio for New Music Ensemble; Ekameruna Kichigina (M-S), Igor Dronov (Cond.)


Elusive Tangibility V: Zugunruhe (2008) 6’

1(+AFl).1.1.BCl.1. / / 2Perc (Xylo, Crot, Vib, Almglocken, 2Chinese Opera Gongs, Holzkante, ChineseCymb, BD) / Hp / Pno / Strings (

Première: 30th April 2008, Royal Festival Hall, SouthBank Centre, London; London Philharmonic Orchestra, Clement Power (Cond.)


The Navidson Record (2012) c.36’

A Cycle in Seven Parts for Soloists and Ensembles


1. Katabasis

2. Acheron

3. Escher’s Pharmacy

4. Phlegethon

5. Schattenwanderer

6. Cocytus

7. Limaçon


1.1(BOb).1(=Eb,BCl).0 / / Pno (+Assistant). Hp. / Solo Cl. Solo Sop. Str4tet (2Vln.Vla.Vc) / Strings (

Première: TBA

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