Figures Outside a Dacha, with Snowfall, and an Abbey in the Background (2020-2021)

Duration: c.18 Minutes

Instrumentation: 2(1+Picc,2=AFl+BFl). 0. 2(1+BCl,2=BCl+CbCl). 2(2=Cbsn). ASax. TSax. / 2. 2(2=Flug). 2 (2+ATbn). 1 / EGuit. Pno. 2Perc. / Strings 9. 9. 6. 6. 6. / Live Electronics

Première: 2022/23 Season in Köln and London, Dates TBC

Co-commissioned by WDR Radio-Sinfonieorchester and the BBC Symphony Orchestra

Both the practical and aesthetic elements of the electronics for this piece—including instrumental amplification, layered reverbs, re-synthesised bell sounds, and spatialisation—were created in collaboration with Carl Faia, whose generosity and support throughout this project was invaluable.