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Elusive Tangibility II: firelife (2008)

At the beginning of firelife there is a sneak network of silent or near silent movements by the instruments: key noises, wiping movements or col legion techniques create, as it were, hollow moulds of sounds. As the piece progresses these are filled with resonances, eventually culminating in the central passage of the piece with a broad clarinet line, marked 'bell-like' and accompanied by large string chords. Following this process of increasing acoustic presence there appears a second, contrary one, whereby the material reduces and becomes more homogeneous. Finally, the diverse movements from the beginning reappear transformed into a series of static homophonous chords. In this manner, the way in which the music comes to sounds corresponds to the decomposition of its forms.

Markus Böggemann

The day after giving the UK Première at hcmf//2017, Explore Ensemble performed firelife at the Jacqueline du Pré Music Building at St Hilda's College Oxford. This video was taken from the live stream of the concert.

Alex Roberts, Clarinet

David Lopez, Violin

Bryony Gibson-Cornish, Viola

Deni Teo, Cello

Duration: 6 Minutes

Instrumentation: Cl, Vln, Vla, Vc

World Première: 3rd November 2012, Traiettorie Festival, Casa della Musica, Parma; Ensemble Recherche

UK Première: 23rd November 2017, Phipps Hall, University of Huddersfield; Explore Ensemble


This piece was featured on the CD "Shadow Walker", and released on the Col Legno label. You can hear the piece in full at the Col Legno website, here.