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I once read a quotation attributed to a colleague of the Italian artist, Alberto Giacometti: "If her were to make a portrait of you, he'd make your face look like a razorblade." Unfortunately, I have not been able to find such quotation again, and I'm starting to believe that I dreamt it. Nonetheless, the image stands.


Giacometti's Razor, for solo violin, takes Giacometti's working methods as its starting point, particularly those employed in the creation of the emaciated bronze figures that were central to his output from the late 1940s until his death. Removing material ad absurdum to make the casts, and continuing to work long after any other artist would have considered the sculpture finished. The resulting pieces begin to lose some of their definition as individual artworks, yet they acquire a uniquely brittle waspishness that only a ruthless attitude to one's material can achieve.

Giacometti's Razor (2009, rev. 2014)

Instrumentation: Solo Violin


Première: 17th February 2014; St Paul's Hall, Huddersfield. Ashot Sarkissjan