Kaleidoscopic Negatives (2006)

Duration: 16 Minutes

Instrumentation: 3(II=AFl, III=Picc).2.CA.3(I=EbCl, III=BCl).3(III=Cbsn) / / Timp(5).3Perc (Glock, Xylo, Crot, Mar, Vib, SD, BD, SusCymb, T-tam, Fishing Reel, Ratchet, Whip, 4Cowbells, Lion’s Roar, 5 TBlks, Claves, Drkit (Pedal BD, 2 T-toms, Floor Tom, Chinese Cymb, SD, Hi-hat)) / Hp / Solo Pno / Strings

Première: 18th January 2006, Haden Freeman Concert Hall, Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester; David Horne (Pno), RNCM Symphony Orchestra, Mark Heron (Cond.)

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Background artwork:  "Untitled, 2019", UV lacquer, oil on paper. Copyright © Johannes Tassilo Walter 2019. Reproduced with kind permission.