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Zugunruhe (ˈtsʊk.ʊnˌrū.hə) Ornith. [Ger.]

Migratory restlessness; the migratory drive in birds.

Oxford English Dictionary

Elusive Tangibility V: Zugunruhe (2008)

Duration: 7 Minutes

Instrumentation: 1(+AFl).1.1.BCl.1. / / 2Perc (Xylo, Crot, Vib, Almglocken, 2Chinese Opera Gongs, Holzkante, ChineseCymb, BD) / Hp / Pno / Strings (

Première: 30th April 2008, Royal Festival Hall, SouthBank Centre, London; London Philharmonic Orchestra, Clement Power (Cond.)


This piece was featured on the CD "Shadow Walker", and released on the Col Legno label. You can hear the piece in full at the Col Legno website, here.