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Elusive Tangibility V: Zugunruhe (2008)

Zugunruhe (ˈtsʊk.ʊnˌrū.hə) Ornith. [Ger.]

Migratory restlessness; the migratory drive in birds.

Oxford English Dictionary

Duration: 7 Minutes

Instrumentation: 1(+AFl).1.1.BCl.1. / / 2Perc (Xylo, Crot, Vib, Almglocken, 2Chinese Opera Gongs, Holzkante, ChineseCymb, BD) / Hp / Pno / Strings (

Première: 30th April 2008, Royal Festival Hall, SouthBank Centre, London; London Philharmonic Orchestra, Clement Power (Cond.)

This piece was featured on the CD "Shadow Walker", and released on the Col Legno label. 

Listen to the full piece.

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